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 deja vu again

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PostSubject: deja vu again   Tue Jul 26, 2011 4:06 pm

sunday afternoon my partner and i were out in the back garden with my 5 yr old, he was tidying up and i playing with my daughter. now the garden was clear of any rubbish and my daughter and i went to go into the kitchen from the garden but i turned round for some unknown reason and there lying on the path behind us was the white feather, i explained to my wee one about how it was a feather from her guardian angel and as we spoke about it another appeared at the side of us, which i thought was a bit strange. so fast forward a few hours later and my friend next door comes over, and we were yapping in the kitchen when i said to her about the feathers and what i had said to keyarah what they were. then i moved to the other side of the kitchen and she went to speak to me but before she could say what she was going to say i said it for her and it hit me we had either had this conversation before of it was deja vu, she said we definately hadnt had the conversation before so it must have been deja vu which was a bit weird and freaky. i get deja vu quite alot and its a real weird feeling to have. anyone else had deja vu????
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PostSubject: Re: deja vu again   Fri Jul 29, 2011 3:30 pm

Hello Kiki. Dej Vu's really freak me out, not in a scary sort of way, but more of a very intrigued sort of way. I've had many Deja Vu's, i can't explain why we get Deja Vu's, what i do know is that a lot of people have experienced this, which makes it alot easier for everybody to come forward about it without feeling like they're crazy. The latest Deja Vu I had was when we was about to investigate Bradbury rings, and Glen was shocked when i told him that I knew what he was going to say.

I can never seem to change the way the conversation goes though, for example if someone said something in my dream, then in my Deja Vu they'll have to say that same thing, and it seems i'm helpless to intervene. It happens so quickly that I realise what happens when it's all said and done.

I've always wondered though with people like yourself who are sensitive if they experience De ja vu's abit different to me, and in your case you actually intervened in the conversation, which I haven't been able to do as of yet.

My DeJa Vu are basically just flashbacks, very quick flashbacks that I know I have seen before, and I believe it was from dreams., but i'm not sure.

What are your thoughts?
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deja vu again
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