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 episode 19 at reported haunted Badbury rings.

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PostSubject: episode 19 at reported haunted Badbury rings.   Fri Aug 05, 2011 12:52 am

Badbury Rings is an Iron Age hill fort in east Dorset which is in England its one of the oldest landmarks in britian it Dates back from 800BC and was in use until the Roman occupation of 43 AD.

Badbury rings sits 327 feet above sea level,

The hillfort consists of 3 concentric, circular ditches that protect a large inner sanctuary for the inhabitants.
From the bottom of the ditch to the top its roughly 40ft.

Badbury rings was originally part of the Kingston Lacy estate, But when the estate passed into the hands of the National Trust, so did badbury rings.

Its almost certain that this fort would have fallen to the invading Romans, and probably taken by the 2nd Legion Augusta, led by Vespasian under Emperor Claudius.
The Roman road from Old Sarum to Dorchester can be seen running to the west of the hillfort.

After the Roman withdrawal from Britain in the early 5th century, Jutes, Angles and Saxons invaded the country. According to the monk, Gildas, this advance was halted for several generations when a fierce warrior named Arthur was victorious at Mons Badonicus (Mount Badon). this could well have been Badbury rings.

This hillfort has actually been named by some as the location where King Arthur defeated the Saxons in 518 A.D. And where kind arthur killed at least 160 men single handed.

The most likely inhabitants of Badbury Rings were an ancient Dorset tribe known as the Durotriges. The Durotriges were one of the Celtic tribes living in Britain prior to the Roman invasion.

The Ghost of Badbury Rings

Several strange events also surround Badbury Rings, including the sighting of a ghostly warrior on horse and a woman wearing a black dress, aswell as a ugly dwarf-like entity which shows itself into the windows of parked cars. There is also a strange story of a golden coffin that could of been buried in the area.

In the 1970's it was rumoured that sightings occur, once it became dark you can actually see a ghostly battle, could this be King arthur and his knights haunting the battlefield.
Others say that if you listen carefully you can hear the voices of people that have been long gone.
One of the best known storys, has it that the earth fort is haunted by the ghost of a Roman who stalks and scares people at night.
Also a large phantom dog has been seen running along the road next to badbury rings, its thought to be a Irish Wolfhound looking for his master.

Badbury Rings
Kingston Lacy

Please watch our investigation below.
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episode 19 at reported haunted Badbury rings.
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