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 episode 24 at reported haunted Ludgershall castle.

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PostSubject: episode 24 at reported haunted Ludgershall castle.   Fri Aug 05, 2011 1:06 am

Ludgershall is a town and civil parish north east of Salisbury, Wiltshire. The population was: 535 in 1831; 1,906 in 1951; and 3,775 in 2001. Ludgershall is now officially a town.

During succeeding centuries Ludgershall Castle was occupied by many distinguished persons and royalty frequently resided there. The village grew around the castle and it is reported that from 1295 to 1831 Ludgershall returned two members to Parliament.

The town now features the remains of this 12th Century fortified Royal residence known as Ludgershall Castle. The castle was frequently used as a hunting lodge. Three large walls still remain of the private residence, which was turned into a hunting lodge by Henry III but fell into disuse by the 15th Century. The property is now under the care of English Heritage. Extensive earthworks remain, although a large section of the original plot is now a private residence.

The preaching cross in LudgershallThe remains of a preaching cross are situated in the town centre. This is also under the care of English Heritage. It was erected some time in the early 19th century in the area that formed the old market place, near the present Queens Head at the end of the High Street. it is some 12 feet in height and in 1897, to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, an ornamental iron fence was erected around the cross. The cross has carved representations on four sides but they are badly eroded. It is thought the original sculptured panels represented:

North Side - The Ascencion South Side - The three Mary's East Side - The Crucifixion West Side - Command to St Paul

The railings were designed by Mr A.H Huth and bear a crown in each corner. This preaching cross is now the emblem of The Border Lodge no. 3129, a local Masonic lodge consecrated in 1905.

Ludgershall was an important place in medieval England and as such was invited to send members to Parliament; it retained this privilege until the Reform Act of 1832.

To watch episode 24 at Ludgershall castle.
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episode 24 at reported haunted Ludgershall castle.
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