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To discuss about anything paranormal, and to discuss about our investigations with FULL videos, EVP's and photos.
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 mary kings close

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PostSubject: mary kings close   Sun Aug 28, 2011 1:05 am

well been to edinbourgh last week
and thought i take my GHkit with me to do a littleinvestigation of my self down there
as i arrived there at teh close they asked politely to turn off all electronic equipment and there could be no photographing nor filming due too comercial reasons

well wandering thru the closes (which were opend in 2003) u could feel a heavy and depressed feeling hanging in the air and all the rooms and ara's felt warm and damp, the tour guide said that there where lots of people saying they saw somthing or felt something thugging on their clothes

he said it was annie
as we went further down the close we came to annies room (and it was quite a shock the room was cold and it felt like a whole load of burden fell of ur shoulders it was a feeling of happyness) annie was left there in the close coz she had the plague and was already given up by her mum
as the guide told his story annie haunted the room coz she couldnt find her babydoll
in 2004 there was a chinese or japanes filmcrew down there to film the possibility of haunting and they brought a psycich and she found out bou the doll
she asked the crew to stop filming headed to the nearest toystore and bought her a doll since then the room was what she called purified

as of me i was overwelmed by the feelings i got in there and bout the story of the close
maybe its a nice place foru guys to make visit up there Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: mary kings close   Tue Sep 13, 2011 5:21 am

Hello, Gertjan, how are you doing?

Very interesting. We will contact them to see if they'll allow investigations, but the main problem we have is the amount of money most of the known haunted places charge for just a few hours investigation with the amount normally starting at £300 up to £600 for just about 5-6 hours. We're not funded, so after a while it does get to a point where it does get financially draining, but we're going to contact them, and hopefully they'll allow investigations.

Thank You.
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mary kings close
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