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 My girlfriend near death experience.

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PostSubject: My girlfriend near death experience.   Thu Dec 30, 2010 1:47 am

Hello this is Ahmed. i personally have never experienced anything paranornal by sight, but my girlfriend a few years ago went through a dramatic period with a C-section with our child who i'm happy to say is now very healthy.

during this period, late at night after I was advised to go home due the baby being confirmed to be healthy, my girlfriend was found by the doctors later that night all blue in the face. The reason for this was a lack of oxygen, but at the time my girlfriend was having strange feelings seeing the room all white, and the people were dressed in white, and the clock was spinning backwards very fast. She also saw and heard a lift going up and down in the room, and people all in white going in this lift, going up and down. Anyway the doctor brought her round when he found her blue in the face, and when she was mentioning the lift he said " it couldn't of been a lift, because you have no lift in your room, and theres no lift in this entire ward".

The only explanation i could tell her when she told me this feeling was that it was either a dream state, or it really was a near death experience. The doctor explained that if she was left much longer she could of suffered brain damage or would of died. My girlfriend to this day believes she was entering a near death experience. My girlfiriend didn't recognise any of the people dressed in white when i asked her, and she said this was because they had their head down when walking towards the lift, but she was more freaked out by the clock spinning backwards than the people entering the lift. She said the people seemed in peace, walking in a nice calm pace, and she felt in peace watching them, not scared.

If you have experienced anything that you believe is paranormal then why don't you start a new topic, post about that experience so we can all discuss about it.

Thank You.

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My girlfriend near death experience.
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