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To discuss about anything paranormal, and to discuss about our investigations with FULL videos, EVP's and photos.
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 2 pictures need some feedback.

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PostSubject: 2 pictures need some feedback.   Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:47 pm

These 2 pictures where taken tonight in an old lead mine near us. We are part of an investigation group in N.Wales and often Mark,Darren and myself will go off on our own to investigate random places.What you will see is first a black mas and in the 2nd a white mas. At the time of the white mas being captured I heard 2 moans (you can see me in the 2nd picture black coat hood up)

as you can see in the first picture there is nothing reflective on the fence.
We would like other members feedback as we cant explain these two images.
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2 pictures need some feedback.
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