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 loud door slam

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PostSubject: loud door slam   Sun Feb 10, 2013 10:04 am

I have been trying to think back on my life of anything supernatural that I have experienced. I am not, I believe, one of those people who are easily able to tap into the other side, or however that works. I am usually sceptical.

There was one instance though that I remember quite clearly.

When I was a boy scout, aged around 12 or 13. We were driving across the country (the USA) to a wilderness camp in New Mexico. At night, we would stay au gratis on army bases - part of a deal I guess between the army and the scouts.

One particular night we were staying at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Usually we stayed in bunks in the barracks, or sometimes on sleeping bags on a squash court. That night, though, we stayed in a large, old, rambling house on the army base - probably an old General's house, or high-officer. Pretty much abandoned, used I think for groups like us, or maybe the odd meeting. There were about 15 of us, all broken into separate rooms, groups of 3 or 4 per room, sleeping on the floor.

Something about that house - probably built around 1920 or 1930 - felt very odd. Hard to explain. We were at that stage where we loved to tell ghost stories, scare ourselves, do the whole flashlight on the chin thing, all that. So perhaps we were already in the mood.

Late that night, probably 2 or 3 in the morning, most everyone was sleeping in the house. (15 scouts and then our scoutmaster upstairs, with 2 parent volunteers in another room). I was awake. I heard a massive, loud, clear, door slam. Nobody else seemed to hear it, or if they did, didn't make anything of it. I told some people the next morning.

Now - why this was strange - it was a typical mid-summer Southern American night - those who have been would understand - very little wind, heavy, humid air. Not the kind of air that sends drafts through a house - the kind of drafts that can slam a door. Nor had anyone opened the front door of the house rapidly- which also can cause pressure changes that slam a door.

It is possible that someone upstairs was up, and perhaps going to the bathroom. But they would not have slammed the door like that - quite the opposite, they would have tried to be quiet, since the rest of us were sleeping downstairs. This door slamming was as loud as a shotgun.

I realize this is a very minor thing - and not anything like feeling chills, seeing an apparition, etc. But very strange and it has stuck with me. And, as I said, that house felt strange as soon as we showed up to it, during the day.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Or, as is probably the case, was it just a ghost- loving 13 year old's midsummer night's dream.

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loud door slam
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