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 New England

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PostSubject: New England   Sat Feb 26, 2011 9:32 am

My dad had been working with a buddy on a house in New England that he owned. Occasionally, he would go in to work alone on the house, he would feel as if he wasn't alone. Footsteps would move throughout the house, and stop suddenly.
When they finished, my mom (separated from my dad) decided that we would rent the house for a few years to live in. when we moved in, my mom went to work at a restaraunt about ten minutes down the road. She left us in the care of my cousin for the night. We were calling her friends in Georgia, when we felt a sudden cold spot in the kitchen. No more paranormal activity had been experienced until about three months later.
It was approximatley 2:30 am. My mom had been lying awake in her room in the basement, when above her in my little brother and sisters room, when she heard "the sound of running in their room, like little feet." She ran upstairs and found them both asleep, with unexplained scratches on their arms.
I was home alone. My brother and sister were at their dads, and I only had my cell phone. I thought I saw an appiration of an elderly woman, but I turned around and saw a glass on the floor, next to the painting of a woman. I blamed my imagination and my terrible eyesight and picked up the glass. About a half hour later I was watching TV, and the glass levitated off of the table and crashed to the floor. I ran into the bathroom and locked myself in for the night.
After we moved out, my mom's friends moved into that house. When they came to our new house about a town away, they asked if I could spend the night. That night was when the pans would fly across the room at our heads. We thought is was just their brother playing a joke, and i saw the elderly woman again. I still don't know what she looked like, because she only appeared for a few seconds, and like I said, terrible eyesight.
This past month, they came to my house. My friend said now pillows would fall out from under their heads and fly accross the room. She saw a "shadowy blob on the ceiling with red, gleaming, paralyzing eyes", then, she felt a firey pain on her arm and woke up the next day with unexplained scratches. Also she feels like she is being pushed around the house.
In my opinion, at first, the spirit was harmless and wanted us to know that it was there. Then as we continued to ignore it, it became more aggresive and more willing to hurt us. I don't know if it was because we took away its home or something disturbed its resting place, or other things like that. Can anyone give me their opinion? Suspect
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PostSubject: Re: New England   Sun Feb 27, 2011 1:39 pm

Hello shadowknux. First i would like to say thank You for posting your experience on our forum.

The understanding for many experts is that ghosts can't actually harm you such as scratching you and so on like your family have experienced, but demonic entities do have the ability to do this. These negative entities normally feed of negative energy around the house, so if you're arguing alot etc, then they feed of that negative energy. You said you saw an old lady spirit, and maybe you're right in the sense that the spirit was trying to let you know it was there, and this is the way it chose to let you know, but scratches is normally the route of something demonic, not a negative spirit.

I'm not sure if your friends of the family are still living in the house, but i would advice anyone who's going through this sort of activity to contact their local religious church etc to arrange an exorcism. If you feel you don't want an exorcism, then talk out loud to try and communicate with the spirit/demons, and just say you don't want no more harm etc, and eventually if that doesn't work, then you'll have no choice but to go the excorcism route. Also see if anywhere local to you have some old archives on the building that you lived in, and just see what history you can find on the building, and what people lived in that building. I know that finding such history can be a very hard daunting task, but theres no harm in just asking around and see what you come up with.

Thank You.

Ahmed and Glen.
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New England
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