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 Post your views on episode 11 at christchurch castle.

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PostSubject: Post your views on episode 11 at christchurch castle.   Wed Apr 06, 2011 12:37 pm

History of christchurch castle.

The castle may stand on the site of an earlier wooden fort built in 924 AD after Aethelwold captured the town ramparts in 901 AD. The purpose of the Norman castle was the security of the feudal lord, his family and retainers. The saxon defences had been against outside threats such as Viking raiders. The Norman fortress was more about subdueing the local populace. It was also a useful base for enforcing the New Forest Laws. The castle controlled the harbour and inland access via the Rivers Avon and Stour. There is documentary evidence of the castle existing in c.1130. Richard de Redvers, cousin of Henry I who died in 1107 was given the manor of Christchurch. The castle was rebuilt by Baldwin de Redvers to resist King Stephen during the civil war with the Empress Matilda in 1147. A great tower was built probably around 1300. The castle again saw action during the Civil War of 1642-51. The Parliamentarians were allowed to take control of the castle in 1644. The Royalists laid siege to it for 3 days, demolishing houses on the corner of Church Street and Castle Street in order to site their cannons. The Royalists were unable to take the castle and Cromwell fearing such a powerful stronghold, ordered it to be slighted in 1652. The castle is now in ruins, a couple of the keep walls remain and the remains of a rectangular moat. It has been reported that christchurch has been home to many monk hauntings.

History of constables house.

Nearby is a domestic Norman dwelling, known as the Constable's House, which was built within the original castle bailey in 1160. Much of the stonework survives, including a rare example of a Norman Chimney (one of only five in the country). The ground floor which has four slit windows was used as a storeroom. The upper floor accessed by steps outside and a internal staircase contained the main hall. As well as the chimney, another notable feature is the garderobe tower which extends over the mill stream added in the early 13th century to provide sanitary arrangements.

investigation videos below.
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Post your views on episode 11 at christchurch castle.
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