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 True haunting

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PostSubject: True haunting   Sun May 15, 2011 6:37 am

I only know of one place that i can say is haunted it was a house i use to live in wen we first moved in it was a cool place. one day me and my two brothers tried to open the addic door but we opened it slightly and then it wouldn't open any further it was like something very heavy was in the way after that happened thats wen the events took place. everything happened down to we heard voices my mother saw apparitions of three floating heads in are hallway one night sitting outside i looked up and out of nowhere my bedroom lit up very very bright i was looking at my bedroom window my blinds we're open and it was like looking into the sun the entire room just lit up and as fast as it lit up it became dark again. i was pushed once by something i couldn't see in the living room and the last event that happened was me and my two brothers had been playing in are rooms and out of nowhere something started to punch are bedroom window. what was very odd was even though the window was glass every time this thing punched the window instead of breaking it would almost appear to mold around its fist. we looked out the window as it was being punched and nothing was out there we went outside to investigate further and once we did it went from punching the window outside the house to inside just like that. i don't remember the full address of the place just that it was in Peoria, Arizona on North 88th Drive West Mescal Street i have tried to find records of any deaths in the house or if anyone else who has lived in it had any experiences but never find anything.
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True haunting
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