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 Post your views on episode 12 at Christchurch Priory.

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PostSubject: Post your views on episode 12 at Christchurch Priory.   Tue May 24, 2011 9:28 am


e story of Christchurch Priory goes back to at least the middle of the 11th century, as Domesday says there was a priory of 24 secular canons here in the reign of Edward the Confessor. The Priory is on the site of an earlier church dating from 800AD. In 1094 a chief minister of William II, Ranulf Flambard, then Dean of Twynham, began the building of a church. Local legend has it that Flambard originally intended the church to be built on top of nearby St. Catherines Hill but, during the night, all the building materials were mysteriously transported to the site of the present priory.

By about 1150 there was a basic Norman church, and It was during this period that another legend originated, that of the miraculous beam, which was to change the name of the town from Twynham to the present day Christchurch. The legend of the miraculous beam dates to the early 12th century. The story is that a beam was found to have been cut too short when it was hoisted into place. This would have been embarrassing for the carpenters since the wood was expensive and would be difficult to replace. There was however a mysterious carpenter who had worked and ate alone. The day following the discovery, when the carpenters returned they found the beam was in place and it now fitted. The unknown carpenter was never seen again, and the story came to be that it was Jesus Christ who had intervened. The church became Christ’s Church of Twynham in commemoration of the event. In time the town became Twynham-Christchurch and eventually shortened to Christchurch. The beam can be seen today and is located in the Priory’s Ambulatory.

'The priory and its gardens are said to be home to several phantom monks, including one entity which stands at
 the top of the tower. Christchurch priory is a wonderful place to visit. No matter if you visit during day or night it has
that strange eerie feeling to it, Please watch our video's below to see what we encounted at night.

Heres the link to the investigation. Thank You.

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Post your views on episode 12 at Christchurch Priory.
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