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To discuss about anything paranormal, and to discuss about our investigations with FULL videos, EVP's and photos.
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 Post your views on episode 16 at Hampshire haunted cemetery.

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PostSubject: Post your views on episode 16 at Hampshire haunted cemetery.   Tue Jun 07, 2011 3:07 am

For this episode 16, we went to a cemetery in hampshire. We was contacted by email about this cemetery a few months back by a female who believed the cemetery was haunted. She described of having very strange feelings such as sudden temperature change, and felt she was being watched. When we searched online to see if there was any reported sightings, we couldn't find nothing, no sightings, and no haunted history.

To our shock we recently got contacted again by email, but this time from a male who said he also experienced wierd feelings, but went further in saying that he actually saw dark shadow figures walking around. So now we're going to investigate the cemetery and find out if it really is haunted.

If anyone believes a location is haunted then please contact us at

Investigation footage below, if you dare to watch it.. Thank You.

video footage below.

Thank you.

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Post your views on episode 16 at Hampshire haunted cemetery.
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