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 Post your views on episode 17 at Dudley castle.

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PostSubject: Post your views on episode 17 at Dudley castle.   Sat Jun 18, 2011 11:06 am


Dudley Castle is a ruined castle in the town of Dudley, West Midlands, England. It is thought one of the Conqueror's followers, Ansculf, built the first castle in 1070, and that his son, William Fitz-Ansculf, was in possession of the castle when it was recorded at the time of the Domesday Book of 1086. Some of the earthworks from this castle, notably the 'motte', the vast mound on which the present castle keep now sits, still remain. However the earliest castle would have been of wooden construction and no longer exists.

After Fitz-Ansculf, the castle came into the possession of the Paganel family, who built the first stone castle on the site. This castle was strong enough to withstand a siege in 1153 by the forces of King Stephen.However, after Gervase Paganel joined a failed rebellion against King Henry II in 1173 the castle was demolished by order of the king. The Somery's were the next dynasty to own the site and set about building the castle in stone starting in the second half of the 13th century and continuing on into the 14th. The keep (the most obvious part of the castle when viewed from the town) and the main gate dates from this re-building. A chapel and great hall were also constructed.

Dudley castle is full of dark history with many deaths that were taken inside the castle. Many executions took place iniside the castle, in some cases their bodies were left to hang by the triple gate to scare of anyone that dared to take the castle.It's no surprise that it's now reputed to be one of the most haunted buildings in the uk.

Dudley castle has hit the media with all it's reported sightings and poltergeist activity. It also was Most Haunted first live investigation on Living TV. Richard Felix ( Most Haunted Historian) also did a documentary about the ghosts that haunted Dudley castle.

The most powerful residence of Dudley castle is Sir John Dudley. In the 16th Century John Dudley (whose father was executed by Henry VII) took possession of the castle and embarked on a programme of rebuilding.

On the death of Henry VIII in 1547 & the accession of his son Edward VI, John Dudley became protector of the young king. The reign was short & in 1553 Edward's death left the throne open to the accession of Henry's eldest daughter Mary.
With Mary's strong adherence to the Catholic faith her accession posed a threat to Henry's religious reformation. John Dudley attempted to prevent this by conspiring to place his daughter-in-law, the Lady Jane Grey, upon the throne. Her claim was slight and the plot rapidly foundered. John's fellow conspirators deserted him & he was forced to surrender himself to the mercy of Mary. However, no mercy was shown & he, his son, & the Lady Jane Grey lost their heads. Even though Sir john Dudley was executed at Tower Mill in 1553, his spirit has supposedly returned to Dudley castle, which is where he was at the peak of his power.

Murders also took place, the most known murder is that of a father who killed his daughter when he found out she got pregnant outof wed lock. They both supposedly haunt the castle, and the fathers face has been reported to be seen many times staring out towards the window of where he murdered his daughter. He's been described as a rough shaven man. His daughter has also been reported, and is said to of been seen inside the cottage rocking herself with her hands around her knees. It's one of the saddest stories that surrounds Dudley Castle.

A drummer boy was shot and killed at the triple gate. There was a battle to about to take place, and It is thought that he was giving a message to his army. It is not known who shot him, but there is documents from both sides of the army that suports the claims of that a drummer boy got shot. He is thought to of bled to death at the castle, and his spirit has been seen walking around still beating his drums.

Dudley castle suffered a fire in 1750, a fire that burned for three days. Many lives were lost during that fire including two children that lost their lives at the cottage, the same cottage where the murder took place.

A lady who was thought to of been a witch also lost her life, and has been seen at the top of the castle looking down. She was thrown from the top of the castle. Back then if you was thought of as a witch, you were thrown from a distance and it was thought that if you was a witch, you would fly, and if you wasn't a witch, then obviously you'll be found dead. The Body was found at the bottom of the castle where she was found on top of her black cat, which was also thrown to it's death.

With so much gruesome history, it's no surprise it's thought by many to be the most haunted castles in England.

Video link here.
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Post your views on episode 17 at Dudley castle.
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