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 my elder daughters experiences

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PostSubject: my elder daughters experiences   Thu Jul 07, 2011 5:33 pm

since my elder daughter was 7/8 she has had a man follow her, he used to stand at the top of the stairs as waiting for her to come out of the toilet or bedroom then as she went down stairs and she woud look up he was there looking at her and the same as she came down the last flight of stairs he would be on the middle landing watching her, that was at her dads, then she started seeing him sitting on the end of her bed with his back turned to her, she used to get rea frightened about it but i told her it was probably her grandad and to tell him she was fine and he could go now, but she was always to scared when it happened. this continued till she was 15 yrs old then it stopped, there is the odd occasion when she can sense it now but being a bit older she is not so scared now. she has a daughter of her own now and she has been seen to wave and say bye bye to someone and at times just looks as if someone is there and giggles, my daughter finds this freeky now!!
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PostSubject: Re: my elder daughters experiences   Sun Jul 10, 2011 1:41 am

wow, so is your daughter sensitive like you? We've done a lot of research on people who are sensitive by reading their personal experiences, and one pattern we normally find is it's hereditary where the mother or grandmother passes on their gift to their child. Mostly, it seems to be from the mothers side, and sometimes it can miss a generation, but then it all begins again with the child. Sometimes when this happens the child becomes more gifted.

It's nice to know that her Grandfather wanted to say goodbye to her so much. It's ncie to know she's being protected.

Thank You.
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my elder daughters experiences
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