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 paranormal and dejavu

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PostSubject: paranormal and dejavu   Thu Jul 07, 2011 7:57 pm

Ok I kind of told my story in twittter but its hard to when you are only allowed so many words so here goes. Every since I was a little girl I've had a recurring dream that was nothing but darkness. It didn't have any sense to it just darkness and it would scare me so bad I would wake up screaming. Never understood that one but it has went away with time. Then I started having premonition dreams...about death...accidents....sometimes just things that were going to happen. Dejavu is very scary for me. I dream like I'm livinvg it and can recall almost all dreams. I've been having ones lately where I wake myself up screaming a certain cuss word (sob) anyway this all probably makes me a sensitive so its no wonder I haved had paranormal experiences.

My exs old house I actually had toys that moved across the floor by themselves...they were radio control so I wrote it off as radio waves dismantled them and shrugged it off.then in our bedroom there I would feel a darkness in front of my face at night like someone was standing nose to nose with you...reach one morning my ex and I were having coffee and the stairs downstairs started creaking. We thought it was our youngest down stairs. I yelled for him to get upstairs and nothing. It was as if someone had walked all the way up andx was about to round corner. No answer...I looked at my ex...he looked at me...I went to steps one....went to kids rooms everyone was asleep....we said some profanties and went back to drinking coffee. He is a non believer but even says his house is haunted to this day.
Often we would hear footsteps walking upstairs. Apparently his grandfather had passed our
Bedroom I find out later after complaining of the dark feeling in there and the noises in closet.

So now in my new home after many times moving we r experiencing apparitions of people and animals and doors that open by themselves that normally won't open without force because of the carpet.....oh and I get a really weird feeling where I work and we've caught evps and had cold spots there......

I seriously hope nothing is so called attached to me.....I think I'm just really aware of the ghost at home likes to mess with me but seems harmless. I want to investigate it more but my daughter who experienced the door thing and things at work is afraid we will make them worse
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PostSubject: Re: paranormal and dejavu   Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:03 am

Thank You for posting about your experience. Your ex's grandfather is he passed? If so who saw him pass the bedroom.

Do you feel if one of the spirits could be a child spirit due to the toy movement? Children spirits are normally very active due to their playful ways.

I can understand your daughters worry on ghost investigators making it worse. In our opinion it depends on what sort of ghost investigators you get. I certainly wouldn't advice letting a ouija board go on in your house, and some investigators like to provoke to get a response, which is something we don't like to do, but this sort of reaction can get a bad reaction.

Our advice would be that you could try and communicate with the spirits and just say that you feel it's time for them to cross, and that you'll be seeking for someone to come to your house to help them cross. Tell the spirits not to be scared by this. Try and seek for someone who's used to crossing over spirits. Go to your local church or local religious practice and ask them for advice on who to contact. Say to them you feel the hauntings are not of real evil presence, but that you would like the spirits now to cross over.

Thank You.
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paranormal and dejavu
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