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 haunted factory in glenrothes fife

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PostSubject: haunted factory in glenrothes fife   Sun Jul 10, 2011 4:21 pm

hi my mother in law works in an electrical components factory in glenrothes in fife, the place used to be a piggery years ago and has many spirits there, there is a hooded figure that holds a staff, and one day when she was working she saw a little boy bout 5/6 years old walking past the area she works at, he had shorts on(old fashioned style pantaloons) a shirt and waistcoat, he had very blonde hair and the most beautifulist blue eyes, he walked to the office door and as he went to turn the handle he turned and looked at her then just vanished, she asked her work collegue if she had seen it and she said yes it happens all the time. the hooded figure seems to just stand there in the same corner,but you cant see his face because of the hood. this place is well and truly haunted and there has been many sightings of full bodied apperations. i cant remember the name of the factory but could find out for you and you could maybe look into the history of it when it was a piggery.
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haunted factory in glenrothes fife
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