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 Ghost hauntings of The Ram Inn pub. Murder, sacrifice and more.

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PostSubject: Ghost hauntings of The Ram Inn pub. Murder, sacrifice and more.   Mon Jul 11, 2011 2:30 am

Murder, satanism and child sacrifice are just some of the light-hearted activities supposed to have taken place in this ramshackle building,

This building dates from around 1145 and is built over a 5000 year old pagan burial ground.
Its unexplainable freezing temperatures and evil atmosphere have had even the best ghost hunters quaking in their boots.

Hardly surprising, given the horrific cast of residents, including an incontinent spectral cat.
In an attempt to avoid anymore hauntings,
a polite message on the Ancient ram Inn's website asks visiting mediums to desist from summoning any more evil spirits to join the party.

It is said that there are also number of undisclosed locations inside this inn such as hidden tunnels and underground cellars, which is said to house the inmates of untimely deaths or incidents which have resulted in their death of bad fortune.

Bones and other remains of people who are thought to be previous owners of the ancient Ram Inn, have also been found here according to the stories which may well be the truth and not a myth.

The Ram Inn has been the focus of much TV coverage, due to the many sightings of paranormal apparitions.
The researchers have made movies in this house which has been broadcasted in TV shows like Most Haunted Places in the World, and Ghost Adventures.
It should be no surprise, that many visitors leave their rooms and check out, in the middle of the night after hearing and witnessing strange things that can occur at any time.

This is a building we would love to one day investigate!

Potters Pond, Wotton under Edge, GL12 7HF.

contact owner John Humphries if you are interested in visiting this historic building on 01453 842598.
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Ghost hauntings of The Ram Inn pub. Murder, sacrifice and more.
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