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 Ghost hauntings Samlesbury hall.

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PostSubject: Ghost hauntings Samlesbury hall.   Mon Jul 11, 2011 2:35 am

This building is around 700 years old,
Samlesbury hall is full of tales of ghosts that still remain within the walls.

This building is full of history and has rich heritage as the building operated as a charitable trust.
It is said that the hall has more ghosts than many other haunted houses put together alot of ghost investigators have been called in to study this historic building.

The hall was built in 1325 and since then has had several strange deaths.
 Almost all investigators from england, have reported the presence of a lady named Dorothy, She is known as the ‘White Lady’.
The story has it that Dorothy was deeply in love with a noble man from a protestant family.
Both familys disagreed on them being together, So they continued seeing eachother in private. However on the day they talked about running away together, Dorothy's brother caught them together and ended up killing the young man and two of his accomplices. This event made Lady Dorothy insane and eventually lead to her death.

Another incident that occured in this building was of a woman dragging a child behind her in the hall.
It is believed that this woman also died inside this building.

Another incident is that of a priest who was murdered a long time ago.
Even though the entire flooring was pulled up and new flooring was laid down you can still see blood stains on the very same spot where the dead priests body once laid.
Joseph Harrison once owned this building and it has been said that you can still see his spirit wondering around the hall today.
 It is said that he spent an awful lot of money on improvements to this building and once it was time to pay up, he could not afford it, so shot himself.
The story of the last ghost is most interesting of all. One of the visitors staying at the hall had seen an old man with a patch over one eye also missing several teeth. When the vistor mentioned what they had seen to other guests they said they did not see anything at all.
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Ghost hauntings Samlesbury hall.
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